Our Internal Laboratory is able to guarantee compliance to all customer micro-biological, chemical/antibiotic, sensor and physical requirements. Samples are taken daily from receiving and at the processing line, then tested using the most up to date equipment and testing methods compliant with current International standards. We periodically verify these standards using accredited external laboratories.


PT.  MAB has taken greater control over processing and distribution channels through the traceability of ingredients and finished products in order to address concern about bioterrorism and foodborne illness outbreak. Each product is marked with a unique code to track and trace this product through the supply chain.


Our experienced and highly trained quality control team works to guarantee the quality demanded by our valuable customers. Consistent checking of all products starting with receiving to the finished product is recorded, reviewed by management and cleared for export. In addition to our quality control program, all employees and management are trained and implement a strict written sanitation standard operating procedure daily at PT. MAB plant location.


Training for sanitation, personal hygiene and food safety and security is performed regularly. Training sessions are mandatory for management and employees, and all session are recorded and reviewed by management to verify the effectiveness of each program.


Our research and development team strive to keep up to date on the latest seafood industry news, resource and government issues, and the latest processing techniques. Our goal is to constantly improve quality, efficiency and expand our value added seafood product offerings.


Sustainable fish resources equates to sustainable business. Industry stakeholders agree that the future of the industry depends on ensuring that the all fisheries are sustainable. Our company works closely with fisheries stakeholders including customers, industry organizations, local and national Government agencies, Institutions of Education, Research & Development Organizations and Non-Government Organizations to build and improve the principal & environment to reach the common goal of sustainable fisheries. We are committed to continue improving our system to directly monitor raw materials at the source and manage the balance of all interests of the environment, social and cultural aspects of the fisherman and their livelihood, viable long term business for seafood manufactures, and a reliable supply of product for customers. PT. MAB is committed to and will promote sustainability efforts across a diverse partnership of stakeholders with an effort to maximize the potential for a viable, prosperous industry, now and for future generations.

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